EMA offers products that are durable, reusable, and recyclable

Our sustainability efforts take into account the negative impacts related to human and the environment, as well as other aspects related to our business, supply chains, and other business relationships.

Employees and work environment

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Our goal is to create a work environment with good, safe, and meaningful jobs for all employees. Jobs that develop individuals’ talents and abilities with fair compensation. We do not discriminate against anyone. All, regardless of gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, are welcome at EMA.

Sustainable products for improved carbon footprint

We develop, sell, and manufacture products that help develop buildings and infrastructure for future generations. High-quality and sustainable products ensure minimal waste and greenhouse gas emissions during their lifecycle. EMA actively works to improve the product’s lifespan by offering a wide range of spare parts.

Responsible business practices

EMA believes in building strong partnerships with our suppliers and customers to promote mutual beneficial cooperation to develop high standards for social, environmental, and anti-corruption aspects. We work to ensure that all our suppliers have fair compensation for their employees and comply with the rules and regulations in the countries where we operate.

Continuous improvement

Like all other parts of our business, sustainability is a continuous journey of improvement where we always strive to improve ourselves every day. EMA has the ambition to be a leader in our market segments, where our products, services, and business models are developed to match the future’s demands.

Contact person:

Staffan Anderberg
+47 971 73 837


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